Purpose/intention: to, in order to, so that

Untuk pertemuan kali ini kita akan membahas  To state the purpose or intention to do something (menyatakan tujuan atau maksud melakukan sesuatu)

Untuk menyatakan tujuan atau keinginan kita dapat menggunakan:

A. In order to (supaya/agar)
setelah frasa ini biasanya diikuti kata kerja verb
1.   In order to be happy, we should live simply.
2.   We can swim in order to have strong muscles-     

B. So that (sehingga).
Setelah frasa ini biasanya diikuti oleh subjek.
1.   We should study hard so that we can pass the exams.2.   We have to do warming up before doing exercise so that we don’t get muscle injury.-     To (untuk/supaya) to biasanya diikuti verb atau be.-     Contoh:1.   We should jog to have stronger lungs.2.   To be successful, we must work harder.

C. To (untuk/supaya) 
to biasanya diikuti verb
1.   We should jog to have stronger lungs.
2.   To be successful, we must work harder.

Contoh Dialog:
Dialogue 1
Shidqi:What for do we need to eat various kinds of healthy food?
Zahra:To be healthy.
Dialogue 2
Fatimah:What should we sweep and mop the floors for?
Rizqi:In order to get rid of dirt.
Dialogue 3
Ali:What for do we have to wash our bath tub regularly?
Najma:So that There are no mosquitos in our house.
Dialogue 4
Lina:What happened with you, Tiara?
Tiara:I’ve got a toothace. It really hurts me a lot.
Lina:You should check it to the near dentist in order to get well soon.
Tiara:Ups, I’m sorry I don’t agree with you. I’m afraid that the dentist will pull out my teeth using sharp things.
Lina:What about buying medicine.
Tiara:That’s a good idea.

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